TVI Students visit and touch the Liberty Bell!

On Saturday the TVI students went on a very exciting tour of historical Philadelphia. The tour was organized by Trish Maunder and her crew at Philly Touch Tours (who did such a wonderful job with the Italian market tour the previous weekend).  The tour started at the Philly Tour Hub, where the students were met by Chris Kuncio, who through his role as the young Ben Franklin, brings Philadelphia history to life through his knowledge of history and his witty insights into Benjamin Franklin and the rest of the founding fathers, much of which was delivered as a rap!  The tour included stops at the Betsy Ross house, Franklin Print Shop, Carpenter’s Hall and then a thrilling visit to the Liberty Bell, where just for the TVI students (and the the envy of the other tourists present) the barriers were removed so that the students could approach and touch the Liberty Bell!



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