2018 TVI Mock Interviews

The students in the TVI program just participated in one of signature events of the three week program:  the mock interview activity.  During this activity the students participate in very realistic mock job interviews.  As we all know, the best way to become good at something is through practice, and this certainly applies to the job interview process! The success of this event greatly depends on having enthusiastic volunteers to serve as interviewers, so we really appreciated the team of interviewers that helped us out this year.  The interviewers were:  Lauri Leonard, Overbrook middle school coordinator, Robert Smith, director of development at Overbrook, Marjorie Stein, Overbrook board member and secretary, Elgin Akarsoy, businessman and friend of Overbrook, and Andy Maunder, father of OSB alum Katie Maunder and owner of Philly Tour Hub. The TVI students dressed for the event and had the opportunity to learn how to “sell themselves” to a potential employer.  Congratulations to this year’s TVI students on a job well done!



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