Another exciting TVI weekend just rolled on by!

All of us here at the TVI program were grateful for the break in the heat wave, which allowed us to continue with planned outdoor activities on Saturday.  The focus this weekend was on athletics and team competition as a way to enjoy one’s leisure time. Of course the usual cooking and independent living activities continued as well.

In these photos you will see the students participating in a morning of tandem cycling down along the Schuykill River in Fairmont Park, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Center For Adapted Sports,  a super fun audible darts game demonstrated by Dr. Andre Watson (our keynote speaker during the first day of TVI) and then a great discussion on the importance of athletics from Mia, daughter of TVI staff member Clarice  The students really enjoyed some good natured competition with the darts game, that featured a dart board with voice feedback for the visually impaired.


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